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They have so threatened the Western church that it’s policy has been to react with more violence and established inquisitions and crusades against all heretics.

1d12 dungeon zones 1 - Gothic Zone - the haunted castle crypt 2 - Redbrick Zone - the deathtrap dungeon 3 - Goblin Mine Zone - the pits of chaos 4 - Amber Manour Zone - the mansion of madness 5 - Fortress Zone - the elder giant ruins 6…

What awaits these heroes in the trap-filled and monster-haunted corridors and chambers below Hollow Mountain will put them to the test, but if they can survive, they will emerge with knowledge vital to standing against the runelords' return… Look i know it wont but i can dream, i just want to know the secret

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Building upon the legacy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and the existing d20 game system which is over 35 years in the making, Realms of Atrothia: Primary Expansion includes all new game mechanics, and player options.

Greg Johnson reviews George Hawley’s Making Sense of the Alt-Right. Among the notable observations: Hawley correctly dismissed the claim that has been widely repeated by lazy journalists that…