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However, Ubuntu "snapshots" a specific version of PostgreSQL that is then To install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu, use the apt-get (or other apt-driving) command:. An update must be performed first so that apt-get knows that new versions of A specific version of a package can be selected for installation by: following It will then find and download into the current directory the newest available version  You can install specific versions using Apt, but you have to manually install wget  Installers can be used to install a specific or multiple Ruby versions. There is also an installer Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu use the apt package manager. You can use it like this: environment. Just download it, run it, and you are done! Mar 24, 2016 list of packages. Maybe i should download required deb here Are you trying to apt-get a specific version for CI builds? Or you just want to  Install a package. If a version is specified, install the specified version of the package. :lock: Locks the apt package to a specific version. :nothing: This resource 

You can try to do it with python-pip , first install python-pip with apt : Here is the complete list of Ansible versions at the time of answering this 

Jan 23, 2018 After this, download the latest stable installer. Run the sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install build-essential. Having the You can install specific versions by running this command followed by the version you want. Note: the packages should work on newer Ubuntu versions too but we only test the sudo apt install gnupg ca-certificates sudo apt-key adv --keyserver "deb stable-bionic main" | sudo tee to a specific version, e.g.; X.X.X - points to the latest version in the X.X.X  apt-get install = Download the curent version from the Apache Download Page (httpd-2.2.32.tar.gz as of writing),  Dec 17, 2019 Download a versioned archive for a non-interactive installation of a specific Use apt-get for the latest release in package format. Use the Cloud SDK Docker image for the latest release (or specific version) of Cloud SDK.

This option is useful when you have downloaded the packages (see: example 17) on the system for the local How to install specific package version with apt.

Feb 22, 2018 To handle Debian-based system packages, we use the apt-get command. This command requires administrative rights to work. It contains 

Download the installer to the current directory; Verify the installer SHA-384, which You can install composer to a specific release by using the --version option 

Memopal for Linux is shipped in RPM and DEB packages. Preferred method for downloading and installing Memopal Client is via repository. Memopal provides apt and yum repositories with the latest available client packages. Especially with the introduction of the apt binary it can be useful to set certain options only for a specific binary as even options which look like they would effect only a certain binary like APT::Get::Show-Versions effect apt-get as… Another problem you may encounter if using testing or unstable is that if you have not run apt-get update lately and apt-get install a package, apt might complain that it cannot be authenticated (why does it do this?). apt-get update will… This article explains how quickly you can learn to install, remove, update and search software packages using apt-get and apt-cache commands from the command line. The anon-shared-build-apt-sources-tpo [archive] package must be installed, since it enables The Tor Project's apt-get signing key and installs the apt source torproject.list [3] Learn in depth about using apt-get command in Linux with this beginner's guide. Tools for automatically building a Debian APT repository for Phusion Passenger - phusion/passenger_apt_automation

However, Ubuntu "snapshots" a specific version of PostgreSQL that is then To install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu, use the apt-get (or other apt-driving) command:.

APT works with dpkg together where apt resolves dependencies and download packages from internet, network share, etc. and dpkg installs, configure them. If available, apt will install version 0.4.99 even if it would replace an installed package with a higher version. Only packages of priority greater than 1000 will ever downgrade an existing package. apt-get [-asqdyfmubV] [-o=config_string] [-c=config_file] [-t=target_release] [-a=architecture] {update | upgrade | dselect-upgrade | dist-upgrade | install pkg [{=pkg_version_number | /target_release}]. | remove pkg | purge pkg… Go to the download page for the Mysql APT repository at Usually we release a new Minor Community Edition version once per two weeks. Major version is released quarterly (every 3 months). apt provides other command options to override decisions made by apt-get's conflict resolution system. One option is to force a particular version of a package.