Xg270hu driver download windows 10

Table listing 366 updated drivers, all ready for direct download + summery of download statistics. Compaq Ex362av Aba Sr1930z Na670 is the most recently uploaded driver.

The added cost came from monitor manufacturers having to source a G-Sync chip from Nvidia, which added to the overall cost and difficulty of implementation.

Nvidia releases graphics driver 417.17 for Windows 10 to add support G-Sync to a select number of FreeSync monitors. Download here.

Requirements include removing the minimal frame rate and setting a maximum on screen latency. FreeSync 2 also doubles the color volume with support for wide color gamut color spaces and increased display brightness, enabling direct support…

You don't need to use a XG270HU "driver" from Acer's website for Windows 10. I'm pretty sure that all XG270HU monitors sold in the USA are all 144 Hz and work fine with Windows 10 (assuming you have a capable graphics card). Some XG270HU sold in countries outside of USA might not support 144 Hz, but that has nothing to do with Windows 10.

23 Oct 2018 DONT PAY ATTENTION TO MY BACKGROUND PLS Problem: My monitor went to sleep and when I tried using it again it just said "No signal".

Gamers will appreciate the low input lag and FreeSync support, and it does work with Nvidia's new Adaptive Sync driver. New graphics card means new drivers, and to that end, Nvidia just unleashed GeForce driver version 417.71 fresh off the compiler. The AD27QD has a 2560 x 1440 resolution IPS-type panel and offers a 144Hz refresh rate and support for variable refresh rates via AMD FreeSync (and now also Nvidia G-sync thanks to their latest driver update). Check out our Windows Kernel Debugging and Crash Dump Analysis Seminar (opens in new tab/window) Hide DivLoaded Module List start end module name 00030000 00039000 ogg ogg.dll 002e0000 002f5000 pthreadVC2 pthreadVC2.dll 00380000 003b0000…

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Discussion XG270HU 144Hz don't work after windows 10 latest update that get out today. Title. The shuld do some drivers for windows 10 for this monitor. 0. FAQ & Answers. vinylen Posts: 2 Member. November 2015. The opinions expressed on Acer Community are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Acer. Acer xg270hu Windows 10 DVI Dual Link stuck at 60hz . I'm on Windows 10 which picks the monitor up as a Generic PNP Monitor. I've tried the drivers from the Acer site which are for Win 7/8.1 (they don't have any drivers for Win 10) and installed by disabling driver signature but this didn't seem to work either so with these drivers I'm